Donation Corner

We are passionate about creating a generous culture, encouraging artists, and promoting the idea that we all rise together. To that end, we have decided to make our encouragement practical when there are causes or individual situations of need that we feel called to support in our small way.

The paintings in this collection are being sold at a discounted price to raise money for the individuals or organizations designated below. You pay a reduced amount for the painting, and we donate the full cost of the painting to the designated recipient.


From August 1st through 31st, you can get any piece of artwork from this collection for 20% off the regular price. For each piece purchased from our Donation Corner, we will donate the full price of the artwork to Linda and Don Marcille.

Debbie featured Linda Marcille on May 17, 2022, on Day 67 of her 100 Days of Encouragement Project. Linda was one of the artists who had found art to be a significant part of their healing journey from chronic illness, pain and trauma. You can read Debbie’s blog post, which includes some of Linda’s story, samples of her work, and links to her website and YouTube channel here:

Linda and her husband live in Vermont in a house that was designed for passive solar energy conservation. Unfortunately, toxic mold has invaded their home. On top of Linda’s chronic health issues and her husband’s health challenges, they have both been severely affected by the toxic mold exposure. They’ve had to evacuate their home, and are currently camping on their deck, hoping for a residential option to open up that will see them through the winter.

If you read Debbie’s blog profile about Linda, you will see that her art journals have been a significant source of her emotional and physical healing. Now, all these precious journals, as well as her canvases and any other porous surfaces in their home will have to be discarded. This situation is a devastating blow to them physically, mentally, and financially. As you can imagine, they are wrestling with fear and despair, even as they are faced with massive amounts of work and significant financial need.

Linda & Don Marcille have a GO FUND ME page, and they are trying to raise money to pay for the mold remediation and get them through this crisis. PLEASE feel free to donate directly if you aren’t interested in buying artwork. Also, if you know of resources that could support this couple, please reach out to Linda directly through Instagram, Facebook, or Go Fund Me.

Thanks for considering being part of our Generous Culture experiment!